George Cassels-Smith

George Cassels-Smith is the CEO of Tobacco Technology, Inc., e-LiquiTech and Emerald Green
Technology. He was appointed TTI CEO in 2003 after a successful run in Sales and as its Senior
Vice President. A hands-on CEO, George focuses on the future of nicotine delivery.

Having literally grown up in the tobacco industry, George accompanied his father (TTI founder
Duke Cassels-Smith) to tobacco auctions as a child. He is a 1992 graduate of the University of
Maryland and holds a B.S. in Business Administration. He has worked in the industry his entire
career in purchasing, flavor development and sales. George’s first formal job in the tobacco
industry came as a leaf buyer for Dannemann (part of the Burger Söhne Group) based in Cruz das
Salmas, Bahia, Brazil in the early 90’s. After moving back to the US he worked for Hail and
Cotton before joining the family business, Tobacco Technology, Inc.

George has taken Tobacco Technology, Inc from a traditional tobacco flavoring company to a
state-of-the-art scientific and innovative enterprise while expanding its focus beyond tobacco; in
2016 he started E-LiquiTech, a subsidiary dedicated to developing and manufacturing premium
quality e-liquids. This year he established his newest endeavor, Emerald Green Technology. This
TTI subsidiary is dedicated to taking the cannabinoid industry to new and higher levels.
George remains focused on the future of the industry while dedicating time and resources to
provide cleaner nicotine delivery alternatives.