Golan Bitton

Golan is leading the Univo Pharmceutical talented and experienced team.
At Univo Pharmceutical we take pride in our work and strive for consistent excellence.

Golan has over 20 years of senior managerial roles in the Israel Ministry of Defense and as an officer in the IDF Special Forces.

Golan Implemented and managed large scale multi-million dollar projects for the Israel Government.
☘ Univo Pharmceutical – Our Goals
is to grow high-quality cannabis, in particular, to develop new cannabis strains and produce a wide range of GMP grade cannabis-based products for distribution and export to international markets.

☘ Univo Pharmceutical-
Using one of the largest *cannabis databases* we are able to cater to the individualized needs of our customers and match the specific multi-faceted cannabis strain best suited to their individual needs.

☘ Univo Pharmceutical- Innovative *scientific formulas*
Provides wide range of cannabis-based products, which are developed using new and innovative *scientific formulas*.