Dr Greg B Davies

How can behavioural science help clients to achieve better financial outcomes? How can you make better investment decisions? What really matters to investors? How do advisers keep clients invested for the long-term?

Greg Davies, Head of Behavioural Finance at Oxford Risk, combines academic rigour and real-life industry experience to answer these questions and provide valuable insights across a wide range of behavioural finance topics.

He founded and led the banking world’s first behavioural finance team at Barclays where he was a Managing Director and Head of Behavioural Quant Finance for a decade. His PhD in Behavioural Decision Theory was awarded by the University of Cambridge, and he is a specialist in both the theory and practice of investment decision making and financial advice.

At Oxford Risk he leads the development of its behavioural decision support software aimed at helping wealth managers and their clients to make the best possible financial decisions.

He has been a visiting lecturer at Imperial College London, held associate fellowships at Oxford’s Said Business School and University College London, and is the co-author of the book Behavioral Investment Management