Greg Maguire

Dr. Greg Maguire is founder and CEO of BioRegenerative Sciences, Inc. (, a privately held stem cell therapeutics company in San Diego, and The SRM Living Foundry at UCSD (, a public-private venture at UCSD serving as a stem cell-based “living foundry” for the development of therapeutics, antimicrobials, nano-delivery systems, and bio-inspired building blocks for materials science and engineering. Dr. Maguire has been professor at UCSD, The University of Washington, and The University of Texas, a Fulbright-Fogarty Fellow, and his research, with over 100 publications, has been sponsored by the NIH and NSF. He is the founder of several biotech and pharmaceutical companies, and non-profits, including The San Diego Neuroscience Group, and currently serves on the Board of Nurture Earth (NE), a spin-out of MIT in Aurangabad, India. NE is a private company for the development of alternative/renewable energy, food, and healthcare technologies and products.

Dr. Maguire’s research and development efforts are focused on the use of stem cell released molecules (SRM) for therapeutic and technical innovation in the life sciences and materials sciences. Because SRM provides up to 80% of the therapeutic benefit of stem cell therapy, and because SRM provides the building blocks for life and the “instruction set” for the architecture of life, Maguire has begun to reverse engineer stem cell SRM processes in the human body, and other life forms. The results thus far include “systems therapeutics,” the most efficacious technology and products for wound healing, anti-scarring, skin care, dry eye, and cataract. The S2RM platform technology developed at BRS also has demonstrated value in cancer, immune disease, and cognitive therapeutics.