Hanna Kaur


Beverage architect Hanna Kaur has spent most of her 17-year career in the laboratory of 122-year-old Liviko, on the northern shore of the Baltic Sea. She has spent her working life developing new flavours and finding solutions to the engineering issues related to the production of these drinks. Previously Liviko’s liqueur master and master distiller, Hanna has become a beverage architect with an exciting Nordic signature, looking for plants and flavours in the pristine Estonian nature to create new drinks.

Nature and the environment are important for Hanna. It was at her behest that Liviko established an innovative production solution, where juniper berries processed for the distillation of Crafter’s gin are reused to make another drink. A completely new beverage category has been created based on the principle of zero waste production, featuring the non-alcoholic soft drink Re-crafted Crafter’s Junibeer and juniper berry beer with an alcohol content of 3.2%.  

Being passionate about cooking and mixing drinks, Hanna chose to study chemistry and environmental engineering at an early age. After joining Liviko, she enrolled in master’s studies in her field of experience: food technology. She also teaches masterclasses at the Liviko Academy of Beverages.