Harald Schnidar

Harald is the CEO, Founder and President of SCARLETRED, the global technology leader in AI assisted remote skin monitoring, image analysis, and digital health services for biopharma, cosmetics, and medical industries. With over 10 years of experience in leading and growing SCARLETRED, he has successfully established the CE medical device certified platform Scarletred®Vision as a B2B SaaS solution that enables objective and quantitative assessment of visual skin parameters, such as erythema, pigmentation, lesion size, and tissue patterns.

As a visionary and passionate entrepreneur, Harald has a strong track record of innovation, collaboration, and impact in the fields of digital health and AI, biopharma R&D, medical device wearables, cosmeceuticals, and teledermatology. He has developed and patented novel methods for assessing erythema, published in prestigious journals such as Cell and Oncogene, and received multiple awards and honors, such as the Born Global Champion Award and the Most Disruptive Silicon Valley MedTech Newcomer. Hismission is to leverage the power of AI and data to improve skin health outcomes and quality of life for millions of people around the world.