Harit Nandani

Harit Nandani has 12+ years of experience in clinical trials data and technology leadership for both diagnostics and therapeutic trials. He specializes in clinical trial data management and analysis, configuring systems for population-scale studies, and using analytics tools to monitor projects. Currently, he is the Director of Clinical Data Management at GRAIL, overseeing data and systems for trials in the UK and US supporting early cancer detection diagnostics development. He has worked on projects enrolling over 300,000 participants, leading to the development of the Galleri test, which has detected over 50 types of cancer and has been named one of TIME Magazine’s best inventions and The Atlantic’s 10 most promising breakthroughs of 2022. Prior to GRAIL, Harit led late-stage pivotal trials in Oncology at Gilead Sciences and worked in various clinical research roles at a CRO and a small biopharmaceutical development company.