Hayley Mason

Hayley Mason MPA, is a dedicated professional with a fervent commitment to promoting effective governance and public policy. Holding a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree from American University in Washington, DC, and a Bachelor’s degree in Global Affairs from George Mason University, Hayley brings a comprehensive understanding of governmental structures, policy analysis, and program evaluation to her advocacy work for individuals with rare diseases. Throughout her career, Hayley has focused on enhancing public service delivery and driving positive societal change.

Hayley’s journey began as an intern for the United States Senate and then at the Ability Center of Virginia, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting children and adults with disabilities lead productive lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Drawing from these diverse experiences, Hayley currently serves as a Policy Analyst with the National Organization for Rare Disorders. In this role, she collaborates with advocates, Congress, and government officials to champion increased treatments, access, and inclusion for individuals living with rare diseases. Driven by a profound desire to effect meaningful societal change, Hayley is committed to inspiring others to pursue excellence in public service and harnessing the power of effective governance for the betterment of all