Ivo Mulder

Ivo leads UNEP’s Climate Finance Unit (CFU), created in 2019 and with team members based in several UNEP offices across the world. CFU brings together various initiatives and finance facilities that aim to actively unlock public and especially private capital towards sustainable land use with positive impacts for the climate, nature and people. We aim to do so by demonstrating ‘proof-of-concept’ through on-the-ground investments, catalysing scale and ultimately making sustainable land use the ‘new norm’ through normative work. Examples of projects include:
• AGRI3 Fund, set up by Rabobank, UNEP, Mirova, Fount, Cardano, FMO and IDH), currently with USD 90 million in committed capital. It’s part of an effort to finance a USD 1 billion in loans to farmers and businesses that delivers nature & climate-positive commodity production. Initial transactions were closed in Dec 2020.
• Restoration Seed Capital Facility (RSCF) with committed funding of EUR 25 million, which cost-shares fund-, pipeline- and project development costs with private equity investors. In this way, the facility aims to unlock at least USD 170 million through the creation of more investment funds in the nascent restoration space and for more forest and landscape restoration projects to reach financial close
• &Green Fund; a novel blended fund that aims to finance sustainable agriculture, with ambitious commitments around forest protection and restoration. It has closed several innovate deals in rubber, palm oil and soy/cattle.
• Tropical Landscapes Finance Facility (set up by BNP Paribas, ADM Capital, UNEP, ICRAF) aims to provide long-term finance to sustainable landscape and rural renewable energy production in Indonesia. A novel, long-dated USD 95 million ‘landscape’ bond was issued for example.