James Russell

From launching an insurtech start-up to delivering transformation programmes in large corporates, I know what really drives me: Bringing people together to solve problems that make a real difference to customers.

I’m a firm believer in the power of collaboration and am not afraid to ‘dream big’ and put myself out there for the things I believe in. I did exactly that launching an Insurtech (Brisk) that harnesses the power of data and ‘AI’ to protect small businesses. I continue to be passionate about the difference technology can make to increase wellbeing and resilience for everyone.

Having now completed the integration of Brisk with the Fintech Certua.io, I have joined the insurer esure to support their transformation programme to ‘Fix insurance for good’. It’s a mission that resonates and motivates me to continue leading change and innovation in the insurance and risk management sector. I’m combining my recent experience working in a fast paced agile environment with my knowledge of how to effect change in corporates. Luckily, part of the ‘day job’ means I get to use my ICF coaching qualification to unlock the hidden potential in people – which is after all where the ‘secret sauce’ lies…