João Barreto

João is a seasoned business leader with over a decade of diverse experience across various industries. Renowned for his creative vision and strategic acumen, he boasts a proven track record of spearheading transformational programs that cultivate intrapreneurship. João has been at the forefront of innovation, notably driving the success of initiatives such as the Nestlé Hatcher open innovation platform.

In his current role as the leader overseeing the transformation and innovation of the Nestlé Dairy business in the MENA region, João continues to demonstrate his unique approach to business. Under his leadership, the Nestlé Dairy business in the MENA region is navigating an era of change and positioning itself as a frontrunner in innovative practices that future-proof the organization.
Leading by example, João encourages corporate leaders to embrace new endeavors that not only align with their business objectives but also bring significant value to their organizations.

With an MBA from Henley Business School and an unwavering passion for lifelong learning, João continues to make a profound impact on the world of business, steering organizations toward success in an ever-evolving landscape.