Johanna Nuding

Johanna Nuding is a storyteller and experiential marketing maven lending twenty years of experience building sales and customer engagement programs in professional sports, media, real estate, concert and lifestyle tours. Her notable brand experience includes PGA Tour, NFL, MLB, Beyoncé, Jack Johnson, CBS Radio, Emmis Communications, XM Satellite Radio, Maker Faire, Make: magazine, The Austonian, Kelleher International, The Emerald Cup, and Cannabis Club TV.
Johanna is also the founder of Casually Baked, a lifestyle and media company focusing on cannabis for wellness edutainment. Founded in 2015 to showcase the responsible side of cannabis and its enhancement of everyday experiences, Johanna engages an active audience from cannabis newbies to veterans looking for targeted information and healthy living options.
With 125+ episodes of Casually Baked, the potcast, an annual listenership increase of 229% and a TV show in the works, Johanna is walking the walk and sharing the modern cannabis culture with her avid followers while collaborating with industry leaders across North America.