Johnny Johnson

In 2019, Johnny Johnson decided to ditch the booze after getting fed up with the sluggish feeling he got the morning after drinking a few beers. After a couple of weeks of not drinking any alcohol he started to feel great. He was sleeping better, exercising more and his mental and physical health improved. There were no negatives. It was a revelation and one he predicted would take the world by storm. But he missed the taste of his favourite tipple, so set out and explored the world of alcohol-free beers. Not being overly impressed by the options available, he made it his mission to create a new alcohol-free beer, which not only tasted delicious and looked great but was also aligned with his new health goals. 10 months later UNLTD. Beer launched! Low calories, rich in vitamins B6 & B12, low in sugar, vegan friendly and gluten free, UNLTD. truly is ‘The Beer with Benefits’.