Joke Putseys

Joke has a background in Bioscience Engineering. She graduated as a Master in Agriculture and Tropical Agriculture, at the Catholic University of Leuven, in Belgium. In the following years, she investigated starch and starch-lipid interactions during her PhD. After leaving academia, she worked as a scientist and senior scientist at the DSM, focusing on physicochemical properties and structure-function relationships of materials and, specifically, of baking applications and meat alternatives. In her 11 years at DSM, she also broadened her understanding of sensory, rheology, processing, and biotechnology.

Joke Putseys joined Griffith Foods in November 2021 as European Innovation / R&D Manager for Alternative Proteins. In this role, she contributes to, structures and leads the proactive innovations regarding plant-based and alternative proteins to elevate Griffith Foods´ insights and become a thought leader in that area.