Joseph Inyang

Joseph Inyang serves as Chief Technical Officer for Juststandout Limited. A visionary leader with global
and diversified expertise from the Energy sector to Agriculture, Brand Management and ICT. Mr. Inyang
leads the technological vision of Juststandout Limited, a global leader that provides mechanical, electrical and alternative energy solutions to individuals, corporations and governments who are interested in maintaining continuous high quality power supply, while reducing their carbon footprint. He is a trusted solar expert for Schneider Electric and has Consulted and implemented more than 300 (Solar, Inverters, Low, Medium & High voltage) operational solutions positioned throughout the Nigerian market, (one of the most challenging in the world).

He strongly believes that DSERA(a strategic approach he developed) Decentralization, Storage,
Efficiencies, Recycle and Repurpose, and Artificial Intelligence are keys to bridging the #kilowattdivide
while reducing our carbon footprint. He is the co-founder of an NGO “Light up a Precious Life” which is
dedicated to bridging the kilowatt divide as well as capacity building for orphanages, rehabilitation centers and elderly homes.