Jules Michel Penda

System Safety Assurance Manager expecting to make the most of 18 years return of experience on rail projects (CBTC, ETCS) on new challenges over the world.

Work Experience

Urban Conventional projects Safety Manager Alstom –Saint-Ouen (France)
Oct. 2011 – Present

  • Since 02/Feb. 2016: U300 / U200/ SACEM / CDTC projects Safety Assurance Mgr.: Coordination of all Alstom’s U200 (Cairo, Bangalore, Hong-Kong, …) / U300 (Lausanne, Singapore)/SACEM/CDTC projects safety activities with 7 to 10 SAM/SAE team.
  • Feb. – Dec. 2018: Singapore’s Thomson Line project (U400 CBTC) Safety Assurance Mgr.: SAP, PHA, SHA, IHA, O&SHA, SCIL, Hazard log, SRACs, Safety Case, interlocutor to ISA/ Contractual Authorities/ Line Operator Start of on-site dynamic test (Jun. 2018).
  • Apr. 2015 – Jan. 2018: Lusail’s (Doha, Qatar) Trams project (U400 CBTC) Safety Assurance Mgr.: SAP, PHA, SHA, IHA, O&SHA, Hw/Sw SA, Safety Case and interlocutor to ISA/Contracting Authorities.
  • Since Apr. 2015: Dubai’s Tram (U400 CBTC) Safety Assurance Mgr.: Follow-up of safety for 3 years warranty with Safety Case and Hazard Log updates, also interlocutor to ISA.
  • Jun. 2012 – Mar. 2015: Lille’s L1 revamping project (U Fluence) Safety Assurance Mgr.: SAP, PHA, IHA, O&SHA, Hw/Sw SA, Hazard Log, SRACs, budget authorization for dynamic tests on test track.
  • Oct. 2011 – Jun. 2012: Mexico’s L12 project (U400 CBTC) Safety Assurance Mgr.: SAP, PHA, IHA,
  • O&SHA, SCIL, Hazard log, SRACs, SC, interlocutor to ISA Revenue Service authorized (Dec. 2012) – Oct. 2011 – Jun. 2012: Toronto’s YUS line revamping Safety Assurance Mgr.: SAP, SHA, PHA, IHA, O&SHA, demonstration compliance of Sw to EN 50128, Hazard Log, interlocutor to ISA/ contractingAuthorities

Rail projects Safety Assurance Manager
Thales Rail – Vélizy (France)
Feb. 2008 – Sep. 2011

  • Sep. 2010 – Sep. 2011: Shanghai’s L6, L8 & L9 PMI (CBI) Safety Assurance Mgr.: SAP, PHA, SHA, IHA, O&SHA, Hw/Sw SA, Hazard Log and interlocutor to on-site CBTC system.
  • Sep. 2008 – Aug. 2010: Rocade Nord’s project (ETCS) detailed design Safety Assurance Mgr. (in
  • Madrid): SAP, PHA, SHA, IHA, O&SHA, SCIL, Hazard Log, SC, interlocutor to Transport Authorities/NoBo.
  • Feb. – Jul. 2008: Beijing L4 project PMI (CBI) Safety Assurance Mgr.: see Shanghai above.

VAL RAMS Manager

Siemens Transportation Systems – Châtillon (France)
Jun. 2001 – Jan. 2008

  • Oct. 2006 – Jan. 2008: Turned key Systems RAMS Mgr.: Safety strategy, Workload & budget follow-up.,
  • Sep. 2007 – 09/2007: Uijeongbu (Seoul)’s VAL project pre-final design RAMS Mgr.: SAP, PHA.
  • Oct. 2001 – Jun. 2007: Toulouse’s VAL projects RAMS Mgr. (Line A extension & line B): SAP, PHA, SHA, IHA, HwSA O&SHA, SCIL, Hazard Log, SRAC, SC, interlocutor to ISA/Transport authorities/Line operator  Revenue service Authorization (Jun. 30th 2007).

Technical Manager

Willet Ltd – Roissy ZI (France)
Dec. 1998 – Jun. 2001

Maintenance Manager
SIGES, Sodexo – St-Quentin/ Yvelines (France)
Apr. 1997 – Aug. 1998

RAMS Engineer
Saunier Duval Electricité (SDEL) – Suresnes (France)
Feb. 1992 – Mar. 1997

Sirius (Paris’ car drivers real-time information system)

  • SAP: System Assurance Plan (Strategy) – PHA: Preliminary Hazard Analysis
  • IHA: interface(s) Hazard Analysis (signal / messages)
  • SHA: System Hazard Analysis (Functional)
  • O&SHA: operation & Support Hazard Analysis (Operation)
  • SCIL: Safety Critical Items List (safety spares)
  • ISA: Independent Safety Assessor
  • SAE: safety Assurance Engineer
  • SAM: Safety Assurance Mgr.
  • Hw/Sw: hardware /Software
  • SA/HA: Safety Analysis/Hazard Analysis
  • SC: Safety Case
  • SRACs: Safety Related Application Conditions (Constraints)ules Michel PENDA
  • Safety Assurance Manager
  • Skills


  • Safety Plan,
  • Safety Case,
  • Safety Analyses,
  • Hazard Log,
  • Team leading,
  • Budget follow-up


  • English (fluent),
  • French (maternal)
  • Spanish (notions) and,
  • German (notions).


  • Books (reading),
  • Music (listening) and,
  • Movie (viewing) also,
  • Swimming.