Kenneth Shea

Kenneth Shea is a senior analyst for Bloomberg Intelligence, a unique research platform that provides context on industries, companies, credit, and government policy, available on the Bloomberg Professional Service at BI <GO>. Mr. Shea oversees consumer products research content and related value-added data displays covering the beverage, tobacco and cannabis products industries.

Mr. Shea offers more than 20 years of related consumer products investment research experience across both equity and fixed income security analysis. Prior to joining Bloomberg, Mr. Shea was a managing director of Standard & Poor’s Corporate Ratings, where he produced credit research on public and private consumer products companies. Before that, Mr. Shea held a number of prominent positions, including S&P global equity research director, chairman of the S&P Investment Policy Committee, and member of the S&P Index Committee.  He began his career at S&P in 1986 as an equity analyst, covering the global food, beverages and tobacco industries.

Mr. Shea earned his bachelor’s of science degree from The University of Maryland, and his master’s degree in business with a specialization in finance from Rutgers University. Mr. Shea is a member of the Consumer Analyst Group of New York, and has been a frequent contributor to the prominent television and print media for his insight on the consumer products sector and related topics.