Kumar Gadamasetti

Dr. Kumar Gadamasetti is an experienced pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical executive. Currently he is the CEO of Certum Bio in San Francisco Bay area. Over the past 30 years his focus has been in the areas of drug substance as well as drug product R&D, manufacturing and outsourcing the small molecules as well as biologics. The therapeutic areas include: Cancer, CV, CNS and infectious diseases. He worked in fortune 500 companies (Bristol-Myers Squibb Co, NJ-USA and Amgen, CA-USA), mid-size and startups/CROs (Discovery Partners Intl. CA; X-Mine, CA; Delphian Pharma, CA and Certum LLC, CA). He has been actively involved on both sides of the business in managing CDMOs and CROs.

Of the several programs he worked at Pharma and Biotech companies, three culminated in making to the market [PaclitaxelTM – Bristol-Myers Squibb; SensiparTM – Amgen and DuexisTM – Horizon Therapeutics). As the Founder and Chairman, he spearheaded the ACS ProSpectives international conferences on, ‘Process Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry’, and as the chair, speaker and the moderator at numerous national and international conferences on API Process Chemistry and Drug Discovery & Development. He has been a visiting professor at Catholic U., Louvain, Belgium and U. Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA and visiting speaker at Humboldt U. in Berlin, Germany. In addition to several peer reviewed publications and patents he published two volumes on, ‘Process Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry’ and currently is working on the third volume entitled, ‘Bioprocessing, Bioengineering and Process Chemistry in the Biopharmaceutical Industry’ jointly with the bio-process leaders at Pfizer. Kumar earned his Ph.D. from the University of Vermont and was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Virginia.