Laurence W. Zeifman

Larry Zeifman has over four decades of experience auditing and advising public and private companies. After leaving a ‘Big Four’ firm in 1985 to join Zeifmans, Larry served as the firm’s Managing Partner and continues to serve on its management committee.

Specializing in auditing and consulting, Larry is responsible for servicing many of Zeifmans’ larger corporate clients, especially clients in the healthcare, cannabis and psychedelics sectors. Leader of Zeifmans’ Cannabis and Psychedelics Team, Larry advises his clients on a variety of domestic financial matters, as well as issues relating to the global corporate environment.

In 2020, Larry launched and hosted Zeifmans’ podcast series Micro-dosing with Zeifmans – demystifying the business of psychedelics, where he was joined by industry expert guests on a weekly basis to explore the latest data, trends and insights in the psychedelics industry.

Larry’s understanding of global business facilitates his chairmanship of Nexia Canada (the Canadian division of Nexia International, Zeifmans’ international network), and his membership on Nexia International’s marketing and business development committee.