Laurens Tait

Laurens Tait is a Director within the Cities and Transport Business of Arup in the Netherlands. 

The theme that drives Laurens Tait’s work is the development of a better understanding of how design and policy influences the (mobility) choices that people make and the influence that these choices have on social / economic / ecological outcomes at architectural / masterplan / district / city / national scale.  

With more than 20 years of experience in mobility related projects, Laurens has developed a wealth of experience in a.o. Mobility Planning, Active Mobility, Intelligent Transport Systems, Station design, Highways design, and Pricing Policy. 

As a transport specialist, Laurens’ design work covers the fields transport planning, civil engineering design, and delivery (hardware, software, orgware delivery). Laurens has worked on a range of projects including policy work for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water (IenW), work on multiple masterplan design developments for City Authorities and Developers, as well as mobility analysis and design for complex transport-focused urban developments such as Amsterdam’s ZuidasDok.