Lawrence Romel

Lawrence Romel has over 25 years of drug development experience in clinical operations and project management for multiple therapeutic indications.

Mr. Romel is currently Sr. Vice President of Clinical Operations for Brickell Biotech and was previously Vice President of Clinical Operations at Cascadian Therapeutics. He was Chief Science Advisor and Vice President of Product Development for TranSenda International, a clinical operations software company where he was the main architect of their CTMS System. Prior to TranSenda, Mr. Romel served as Vice President of Clinical Operations and Project Management of Xcyte Therapies Inc., Supergen and Onyx Pharmaceuticals. His breadth of experience includes the clinical development of dermatologic drugs, biologics (GVAX), viral therapies (ONYX-015), toxin-sourced therapies (Ziconotide™), small molecule-based therapies (Tucatinib, Orathecin™, Decitabine), liposome encapsulated drug therapies (DOXIL™, Amphotec™), drug delivery devices and hospital/medical devices. He has managed Phase III development programs in both North America and Europe.

Mr. Romel holds a Master of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Illinois, Chicago and is certified in Project Management through U.C. Berkeley.