Lucia Vilsecker

Lucia Vilsecker is a marketing professional.  She is from Vienna and was educated in Political Science with a Master’s degree in History.  Working with both agency and brand, Lucia has become an expert in digital and social marketing.  Over the past five years Lucia has been building ‘all I need’ from a beverage start-up into one of the fastest growing and most well respected brands in Austria.  As Head of Marketing she worked with the two founders to stay true to the ideals of highest quality, natural ingredients which are both vegan and organic.  In addition, despite the cost and complexity, they made ‘all I need’ the first CO2 neutral beverage brand in Austria.  ‘All I need’ is available in all major retailers in Austria and the brand has been recently acquired by Capri-Sun. At the end of last year, it was launched in Germany and Switzerland.  Lucia continues to be responsible for the brand marketing, but now on an international level.