Mark Kalhøj Andersen

Mark Kalhøj Andersen is a leader with extensive experience in technology and commerce. With a foundation in Chemistry and Environmental Engineering from Aalborg University, blended with strategic business education of a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (GDBA) in Organization and Leadership, focusing on Marketing Management.

April 2024, Mark has taken a new role as CEO of Lyras A/S, with a continued focused effort on driving growth, improving order intake, and boosting revenue.
• Our mission is to serve customers around the world in the food, beverage, dairy processing, and fermentation industries to enable energy and water reduction.
• Value creation at our customers is key and our systems will secure profitability and short return on investment alongside the positive sustainability impact.
• Our strategy for the next three years is based on strengthening our position in key industries while focusing on elements to accelerate growth, profitability and serve our clients.

Since 2022, Mark has been leading commercial operations at Lyras A/S, serving as the Chief Commercial Officer actively generating a comprehensive global sales and marketing strategy. Mark’s responsibilities extended across the establishment and management of global sales offices, the creation and maintenance of distributor networks, and fostering productive relationships with engineering and OEM partners.

Previously Mark worked as the Technical Director at DESMI Ocean Guard A/S. There, he led the commercial and technical sides of the business, overseeing technical functions, managing customer projects, and steering organizational development. His role prior to that as Technical Manager highlighted his capabilities in project preparation, product development, and managing critical customer projects. Mark’s career trajectory is characterized by a blend of technical depth and commercial insight, positioning him as a key figure in shaping the future of the current organization and the industry.