Mathew Vola is a structural engineer and project director with over 20 years of experience in delivering iconic projects on time and to budget in Europe, Australia and East Asia. Since joining Arup in 2007, Mathew has lead multi-disciplinary engineering teams in the design and delivery of lighthouse projects predominantly in the Property and Social Infrastructure markets. In addition to his role as Design Lead for Sustainable Property, Mathew also leads the Climate and Sustainability Services portfolio for the Netherlands Group and the Computational Design Skills Network for the Europe Region. Keen to harness digital innovation, Mathew is currently working to develop the next-generation buildings that meet the requirement of our times. Mathew has been responsible for the engineering of one the tallest residential timber developments in the world, HAUT. Other recent project work includes the advanced parametric design modelling for Elements. Mathew is fluent in Dutch and English and proficient in German.