Mats Sundgren

Mats Sundgren, PhD, MSc, is a renowned expert in Health Data Strategy for Industry and Academia. With over 37 years in the pharma industry (Discovery, Development, Manufacturing, IT R&D, Patents, Clinical Science and Data Science & AI), Mats is at the forefront of industry technology innovation. In 2022, following a 12-year tenure as global integration lead for Electronic Health Records (EHR) services at AstraZeneca, Mats’ new portfolio encompasses the roles of Senior Industry Scientific Director for the i~HD (European Institute for Innovation through Health Data); Executive Strategic Advisor for IgniteData, developer of a system-agnostic EHR-to-EDC solution for clinical trials; and Chairman of the Board of the Research Foundation IMIT (Institute of Managing Innovation and Technology) across Chalmers University of Technology, Royal Institute of Technology, Lund University of Technology & Stockholm School of Business.

Mats has authored over 70 publications, books, and patents in Science, Economics & Social Science (Health Data Science, Clinical Science, Business Modelling, Innovation & Creativity Management, and Device development).