Max Vibaek

Max Vibæk has been involved and responsible for all areas within Rolling Stock
(with driver and driverless) for more than 25 years and with his knowledge he can
take care of all jobs related to the Rolling Stock. Mr. Vibæk can take care of:
– Question related to Rolling Stock and technical aspects
– Technical Specification of Rolling Stock
– Handling of re-investment and enhancement of Rolling Stock
– Contract negotiation
– Supervision and Contract follow up
– Technical analysis of technical problem
– FAT and SAT. Factory Acceptance Test and Site Acceptance Test
– Risk assessment
– Value Estimation of Rolling Stock including Special equipment
– Value Estimation of Workshop and depot
– Technical assessment of Deport and how to equip a depot
– 3rd part assessment
– Maintenance and evaluation and analysis of the preformed maintenance
– Project Management

Max Vibæk also works as Rolling Stock Expert to the Ministry of Transportation
and works with a number of different tasks related to re tendering of operators and
operation. For the Ministry Max Vibæk also support in relation to strategy for
new rolling stock to new lines for train operation