Meleknur Tüzün

Meleknurs’ Food Engineering degree in 2008 equipped her with deep knowledge of food science and processing, laying the foundation for her future in the food production industry expertise. This foundation was furthered by a 2018 Executive-MBA from Istanbul Technical University, equipping her with a strategic understanding of the business landscape.

Meleknur has spent over 14 years deeply immersed in the (Plant-based) Dairy and Cheese world, specializing in solutions like flavours, fruit preparations, and pre-mixes. The past 9 years at Avebe, provided Meleknur with a deep understanding of innovative texturizing solutions, proteins, and starches, in diverse cheese and dairy projects (both traditional and plant-based). This unique blend of expertise empowers her as a Global Segment Manager, to connect clients with Avebe’s innovative texturizing solutions, proteins, and starches.