Michael Hui

With over 26 years of diverse technology experience spanning retail real estate, finance, and FMCG sectors, I am poised to bring about sustainable change and establish new industry best practices in my next career endeavor. My aspiration is to lead and mentor cross-functional teams, equipping them to seize fresh business opportunities and tackle emerging challenges, ultimately steering the business towards a transformative paradigm shift.

Digital Transformational Leadership:
My experience includes leadership roles in complex matrix organizations, where I guide corporate and business teams towards innovative directions that reshape fundamental business processes and models. This involves articulating a clear vision, defining strategic goals, and driving actionable steps leading to tangible deliverables. I thrive as a dynamic self-starter, motivating teams to align with the core vision while acquiring new competencies. Notable achievements include spearheading comprehensive digital transformations spanning various areas, from leasing and loyalty to digital workplace solutions, infrastructure, data analytics, and process automation.

Technology Innovation and Business Integration:
In an ever-evolving and disruptive technology landscape, I have empowered my teams to stay agile in response to market dynamics while maintaining a balance with enterprise-level scalability and modular system architecture. Collaborating with key executives across diverse business functions, I’ve ensured that technology solutions align with business needs and are operationally deployable. This approach accelerates time-to-market, centers on user-centricity, and delivers tangible business returns. My expertise lies in bridging the gap between innovation and its effective integration into the core business fabric.