Michael Tucker

Michael is a Managing Partner of Medidata’s Patient Cloud solution sales team, providing leadership and subject matter expertise in decentralized clinical trials and patient centric technologies.  Over the last decade, Michael has worked collaboratively with sponsors, CROs, regulators, ethics committees and researchers around the world to pioneer the use of decentralization technologies for hybrid and virtual clinical trials. He was involved in providing solutions for the first decentralized clinical trial with FDA oversight in 2011 as well as PCORI’s ADAPTABLE study with more than 15,000 patients, and many other fully decentralized and hybrid clinical trials.  His 33-year career in medical research includes nearly a decade with the US government conducting and supporting surgical & preclinical research and more than two decades working in the commercial sector to provide technology solutions that improve and support preclinical and clinical research.  Michael is a decorated veteran of the United States Navy and resides in Brushy Creek, Texas where he is also an elected official serving his community.