Miriam van Gool


Miriam has worked on the intersection between conservation and finance for the last 20+ years. With an MSc in Biology, she worked for almost ten years for WWF Netherlands. As a manager at WWF, she sometimes joked that biologists were becoming an endangered species, as she was hiring economists and political scientists. She strongly believes multidisciplinary teams are needed for the transition to a sustainable economy. She worked for IFC Africa in 2010-2013 on sustainable forestry and agriculture, based in Dakar. For WWF and IFC she traveled and worked in over 20 countries on 5 continents between 2000 and 2012. Upon return in the Netherlands, she took up her work in consultancy EcoValue again (founded in 2006). Miriam likes to work on a broad range of sustainability issues, shifting in perspective from big picture to details of sustainable investments, company CSR strategies, conservation programs or government procurement policies. Always back again to the big picture. Or in the words of astronauts: the Overview Effect.