Mounir Sada

Founder of  “Data for Change dot org” (, an NGO gathering Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) data for the purpose of class actions led in the US.

Mounir Sada, is the author of “Crimson Cherries”, Harvard alumnus, technology investor and former advisor at SAP, IBM and now at Gartner, Mounir Sada takes a strong interest in advancing Diversity Equity and Inclusion  using data and technology for PR, influence and in Court class action.

Mounir grew up in France in the 80’s and he has since lived and worked in the UK, Germany, Greece, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and the US. Mounir is today the account executive of Gartner Research at UNHCR, UNILO, the Gavi Alliance and UEFA. Prior to founding and joining Gartner, Mounir has worked with NGOs, academia, UN agencies and the private sector to defined tech platforms to track and advance global progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).