Mudar Mannah

His medical training as a specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery laid the foundation for his current entrepreneurship.
The accuracy and the knowledge of how to acquire new knowledge helped him daily in the challenges as an entrepreneur.
Since 2012, he has been dedicated to developing vegan cheese alternatives. Mudar started Happy Cheeze as a Limited back in  2016.
In the meantime, they have grown as a team of 40 employees based in Cuxhaven – the passion has remained with them, and demand has continued to grow.
2017 they opened a new production facility in Cuxhaven – where they are able to produce more than 300,000 products monthly and ship them to foodies from all over the world.
Although they have expanded, they still rely on traditional production methods and loving craftsmanship in their manufacturing – you can taste it in every bite!
Due to the growing demand, Happy Cheeze is already looking forward to expanding again in the near future.