Nissa Ashenbramer

Nissa Ashenbramer, Senior Project Manager, Oncology & Hematology
Nissa Ashenbramer brings over 25 years of industry expertise to her role as a Senior Project Manager. Her primary focus has been in oncology, with 15 years dedicated to project management and an additional ten years as a Clinical Research Associate (CRA).

Having engaged on both the pharmaceutical and CRO fronts, Nissa has a strong emphasis on early-phase I and II oncology studies, especially in advanced solid tumors. Throughout her career, she has also made significant contributions to oncology indications in Phases III and IV.

In addition to her primary role, Nissa has taken on various responsibilities, such as a administrator, Investigator Sponsored Trial facilitator, and Independent Response Review moderator. Her expertise further extends to budget negotiations, IRB submission specializations, and her role as a CTMS Super User. Passionate about nurturing talent, Nissa takes pride in mentoring both Project Managers and CRAs.