Peter Cerno


We are a free community of architects an engineers with our office in Munich.
Our field of activity includes the construction of new buildings as well as renovation and remodelling of historic buildings, primarily for privet clients and investors.
In addition to the planning of office and residential buildings as well as private houses, the focus is on the design and realization of the hotels of the high and highest standard.
Among other things, our office is characterized by the international nature of the projects. As a result, our experience in international project partnerships have been recently extended particularly intensively to the eastern EU countries.
The commonality of the architectural designs lies in their variety and diversity. The architectural form does not evolve from recurrent themes; rather, it is to develop from the respective task and the specific location, always in a new and unmistakable manner, to a conceptual coherence.
This attitude has been recognized in several international architecture awards and successful international competitions.
We take part on the different architectural congresses and the lectures for students at the Universities.