Prof. dr. Geert Houben

Biography of prof. dr. Geert F. Houben

Geert Houben (Biologist, Board Certified Toxicologist) is Principal Scientist Food Allergy and Immunotoxicology at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO and Full Professor Food-borne Risk Factors for Allergic and Inflammatory Diseases at the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC Utrecht) and the Faculty of Medicine of the Utrecht University, the Netherlands. He is or was a member of tens of expert groups, advisory boards and committees in the area of (risk assessment in) toxicology, food safety, immunotoxicology and food allergy. Among others, he was a member of the WHO/IPCS Expert Group for the Harmonized Guidance Development for Immunotoxicity Risk Assessment, the Ad hoc Joint FAO/WHO Expert Consultation on Risk Assessment of Food Allergens, and several Health Council committees of the Netherlands.
Prior to his current positions, he has had various research and management positions at TNO and various research positions at the Utrecht University and the UMC Utrecht. Geert has had the managerial and scientific responsibility for the TNO Food Safety research and services for many years prior to choosing to focus on his scientific career since 2014.