Prof. Niall English

Niall English as a professor in Chemical Engineering at University College Dublin, as well as an inventor, chartered chemical engineer a spin-out/start-up entrepreneur. Many of his interests lie in how external fields affect the ordering and behaviour of systems at the nanoscale – such as those composed of water, water-gas and proteins. In particular, he is fascinated how protein assemblies respond to fields – and typically in industrial situations, such a milk processing.

Aqua-B’s disruptive innovation in low-energy, ultra-dense nanobubble (UD-NB) generation in water, and other solvents, stems from its breakthrough discovery of electrostriction-based nano-phase generation. Without any moving parts, these solid-state nanobubble generators can be deployed and retro-fitted for ultra-efficient performance – even Off-Grid (e.g., solar means) to revolutionise water aeration, e.g., for activated-sludge and dissolved-air flotation – slashing OPEX.