Rashmi Chandra

Rashmi Chandra, Project Director, Immuno-Oncology and Cell and Gene Therapy, holds a doctorate in Biochemistry and a PMP certification from Project Management Institute. Dr. Chandra worked as a biomedical researcher for many years prior to transitioning to clinical research. As a result, she has a broad and fundamental understanding of cellular and molecular pathways interrogated during drug development. Dr. Chandra’s clinical research experience includes serving as a Research Coordinator, remote Site Monitor and Project Manager for domestic and global studies. Dr. Chandra has start-to-finish project management experience in early phase trials. She has demonstrated strong team leadership and consistently managed high quality clinical trials. Dr. Chandra has cardiac device and stem cell trial experience, along with significant oncology, immuno-oncology and CAR-T cell experience in both solid and liquid tumors across several indications.