Rasmus Hogreffe


Rasmus Hogreffe, MSc.Med., MBA is considered as a Virtual Clinical Trials expert. His main goal is to improve treatment for patients by making trials better and faster than ever before, using digital and remote innovations.


Rasmus has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has been involved in more than 60 clinical trials, giving him a broad knowledge regarding every aspect of clinical research.


Furthermore, Rasmus is a serial entrepreneur and has a successful record of starting and selling companies within his broad scope of interests: Digitalization of clinical trials, Patient recruitment, Real World Data, and Health innovation.


In addition, as an external lecturer and supervisor at Aalborg University, Rasmus has developed and given courses and workshops on management of clinical studies on topics such as the development of recruitment and retention strategies, site-optimization, site-selection and patient engagement to sponsors, investigators and study teams at leading medical centers.


His innovative approach within the field of digital health, Patient Recruitment, and Virtual Clinical Trials make him a frequently used chairman and speaker.


Specialties: Patient #Recruitment, Patient #engagement, #Study start-up, Site #optimization Project #Management, #Medical #Market #Access, Business #Development, #Marketing, Health Economy, Economy analysis, #HEOR