Rich Bennett

Mr. Bennett has worked in clinical development for approximately 20 years and has worked for WCT since September 2021.

He began his career in clinical research in a phase 1 clinic and soon after held roles as a Clinical Research
Associate on both early and late phase clinical trials with responsibilities for data validation and site
management. This solid base experience in ICH-GCP was further supplemented with broad operational
knowledge regarding the conduct of clinical trials when he was appointed as a Clinical Trial Manager of
Phase I, II and II trials within global programs.

Building on this operational grounding, he has latterly (seven years) held positions where he has led crossfunctional project teams within clinical research and has been responsible for project strategies, clinical development plans, clinical trial methodologies (concept/design), protocol authorship and the
transformation of the scientific endeavor into an operationalized activity.

Through being part of R&D leadership teams, he has contributed to business management and the
development of operating models and outsourcing strategies. He has been responsible for representing
pipeline projects in R&D governance boards and holds experiences throughout the drug development life cycle.