Roberta Vezza Alexander

Dr. Roberta Alexander is the Director of Clinical Research at Biological Dynamics, a diagnostics company in San Diego that focuses on early cancer detection. She has been at Biological Dynamics for approximately 7 months. Before then, she was leading the clinical research activities in a rheumatology-focused diagnostic company. Overall, she has worked in clinical research in the diagnostic space for approximately 9 years. Previously, Dr. Alexander was a scientist and worked in preclinical research and drug discovery in the pharma industry. She has a PharmD and a PhD and did her postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Tanja Obradovic

Dr. Obradovic has over 25 years of experience in clinical pharmaceutical development in Oncology. After holding academic appointment of Research Assistant Professor at Temple University of Pharmacology leading Immunooncology laboratory she joined pharmaceutical industry. She was holding senior positions at Merck within Oncology Clinical Research, Regulatory and Medical Affairs where during her 13 year tenure she was leading over 30 novel drug entities across tumor indications including acting as Strategy lead for Keytruda clinical development and life cycle management across tumor types including melanoma, lung, women’s cancers and many other indications across lines of therapy including neoadjuvant/adjuvant strategies. Her background includes Keytruda development, regulatory approvals and launches in more than 20 solid malignancies and lines of therapy in over 50 countries in the US, EU,  Asia (Japan, China, other East Asia regions) and Latin America. Dr Obradovic held numerous leadership positions on Pharma Collaboration Programs, partnerships with major Oncology Guidance and Consortia Organizations.  Most recently she was leading development of cell-based and novel drug therapies in hemes and solid tumors at Takeda Oncology Clinical Sciences as a Senior Director of Cell Therapy and Redirected Immunity prior to joining ICON in January 2022 as VP of Scientific Affairs leading Oncology medical development strategy.