Roel van der Heijde

Roels inspiration: “Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Ghandi Roel van der Heijde lives in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He has a MA in International Business, is an international acknowledged NLP trainer, executive team coach and a certified death and grief counsellor. He is a driven and experienced trainer and facilitator in: – Patient Fear Reduction (for all caregivers); – Team Collaboration; – Vulnerability & Leadership; – Discrimination & Inclusion. Roels motivation: “Acknowledgement and recognition of the fears and emotions of our patients are the basis for excellent patient experience and patient safety”. “Working with Groups I experience as thoroughly fascinating and inspiring. In interaction with groups I am every time amazed by the enormous potential of practical knowledge and direct experience that lies hidden in groups and that is so easily overlooked. Herein lies the basis for excellent vulnerable leadership.