Ron Tully

Ron Tully has been involved in public policy and new business development technologies in tobacco, vaping and nicotine since 1988, and was a co-founder of Next Generation Labs in early 2014. NGL was the first company to see the opportunity for a non-tobacco based global nicotine market, and developed the technologies required for the bulk manufacturers of S, RS and R isomer synthetic nicotine. NGL maintains a leading role in the global synthetic nicotine market. Prior to his work with NGL, Tully worked at a number of small and medium sized tobacco trade groups and manufacturers, including most recently as Vice President for Public Affairs and New Business Development at National Tobacco Company (now Turning Point Brands), and previously as VP of Public Affairs at Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company. Tully has a separate consulting business. TNV Ventures. which provides business development and new product advisory services to nicotine, tobacco and vape manufacturers worldwide.