Sam Plotkin

Sam Plotkin is a Chartered Accountant with a masters degree in computing science which focused on human-computer interaction.

Experienced in applying technology across audit, assurance, and advisory, Sam is chair of the Deloitte global audit analytics working party, and authored the strategy which set the firm on a path to data driven audit.

Sam’s experience as an auditor established a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities data and analytics can bring to the audit industry. This led to his appointment as programme director of the analytics platform Spotlight, which was successfully deployed globally on thousands of audit engagements. He now takes responsibility for the development of analytic content in the next-generation data platform, Cortex.

During his time at Deloitte, Sam has fostered a holistic, people-centred, and purpose-driven approach to using technology to improve audit. He believes that a high-quality audit has societal benefit and using technology to improve audits is vital to capturing public trust and confidence in the profession.