Sarah Jasma

Sarah Jasma is a legal medical grade cannabis cultivator and extraction expert in the commercial sector. She has been a head grower for million dollar yielding grow rooms at one of Canada’s first and largest commercial producers and has grown medical cannabis under the MMAR, MMPR and ACMPR. Sarah has profiled and grown 100+ strains/phenotypes and continues to expand her genetic portfolio. Her perspective, knowledge and passion has led her to play a lead role at  WeedMD in launching a business to business genetic procurement platform under the ACMPR.  This platform was first of its kind and connected Licensed Producers to quality, lab tested clones for production purposes. Sarah has made valuable and strong connections every step of the way. During her time consulting for the industry and working alongside many industry leaders, she has a developed a strong talent for creating synergistic collaboration opportunities within the industry. Sarah has a valuable natural analytical thought process and is an innovative scientific thinker. Her depth of knowledge and expertise in the cannabis industry are paired with her personal passion & professional relationship to the plant. Sarah and her business partner, Shannon Leroux, joined forces and are the co-founders of SIIVVA, a premium phytocannabinoid skin care company positioning SIIVVA products for the 2.0 market.