Shafraz Hafiz

During Shafrazs time studying abroad in Australia, he was able to experience the underwater beauty of the Great Barrier reef which made him interested in exploring the Maldivian waters once he got back and Shafraz is very proud to say that what we experience here in the Maldives is far more unique and far more breathtaking than anywhere else he has been. Shafraz been an avid diver ever since and never looked back and i do have a fascination for large sea creatures. Shafraz loves his country and has fallen in love with the sun, the sand and the beach. But for him to love this and being able to appreciate is not enough, every single person out there to love this too. As a Tourism Promoter Shafraz has 3 visions. One is to integrate & converge different mediums of advertising to get the best result. Second is to make real use of social media as an honest and strong marketing tool. Third being on the lookout for new technology that seems to be changing everyday and find more innovative ways.