Shannon Leroux

Over the course of 20 years, Shannon has generated awareness of the products she represents to millions of people through her brand and as the CEO of her own wellness company. She has travelled the globe, connecting with both leaders and consumers in the health and fitness space by utilizing her rank as an industry thought leader. Shannon has been a featured speaker at national women’s conferences, educating the thousands of attendees about the benefits, safety, and ease of use of the health products she represents. Recently, Shannon was a SkinCare panelist for O’Cannabis where SIIVVA™ won Best Packaging in the Cannabis industry.  Shannon is successfully using her brand and unique ability to motivate and empower the women she connects with to improve the quality of their lives with Cannabis. Shannon is able to combine her passion for health and wellness with a savvy business acumen that has been cultivated over 20 years of experience working with her network of outstanding business partners and associates. Shannon currently sits on the advisory board for GrowPayment. Her career began with duty in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Javelin missile system operator and she sights her take aways from her time with the military as discipline, tenacity and commitment to cause. Shannon is a well known and world ranked Figure Athlete, Actress, and Entrepreneur, whose commitment to creating exceptional teams and product experiences can only be described as insatiable. Shannon discovered the undeniable benefits of Cannabis for wellness and Graceful Aging in 2015. Together with her partner Sarah Jasma(MMAR, ACMPR/Cannabis expert), Shannon formed SIIVVA™ Inc., an organization whose mission is to connect Canadian Licensed Producers/North American and Global producers of Cannabis with consumers by offering Premium Topical CBD skin care showcasing Advanced Molecular Technology. She’s well prepared to lead the next wave of innovation in both Graceful Aging Topical CBD skin care as well as helping to market the benefits of medicinal Cannabis.  Mostly, Shannon is a CBD enthusiast, Mother and Serial Entrepreneur with every day issues that all Fit and Forty “Warrior Women” face.