Siobhan McKenna-Power

Siobhan McKenna-Power has over 20 years of experience designing and delivering regulated systems, with over 8 years designing and delivering RTSM systems for clinical trials.   She first developed an interest in clinical trials when her father took part in multiple Phase III drug and device trials due to his progressive Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and was eager to contribute in her own way when the opportunity presented herself.

Siobhan is a strong believer in first time quality and works with our sponsors to understand complex protocols.  Siobhan has a keen understanding of what the needs of the end user are and works to ensure that even the most complex trials are easy for Investigators to work with, and that patient safety is the foremost priority of any RTSM system.

Siobhan is a graduate of Maynooth University (formerly National University of Ireland, Maynooth) with a BSc in Computer Science and Software Engineering. She is currently working on a Level 7 Diploma in Risk Management.