Solomon Babani

Sol Babani joined ICON (formerly PRA) in 2017 and is a drug development business leader with more than 25-years of experience, spanning the biotech, pharma, and CRO sides of the industry. Currently, Mr. Babani serves as Senior Vice President & General Partner, where he provides executive oversight for a large portfolio of ICON’s biotech clients.  Additionally, Sol has been involved in various strategic initiatives including the company-wide initiative to improve ICON’s engagement model with emerging biopharma customers.  Mr. Babani has a passion for innovation and how to better apply technology to the clinical research space, and has spoken at industry conferences on the topic of, “The Role of the CRO in the Healthcare Model of the future.”  Sol is also widely known in the industry for having created collaborative and unique partnerships between CROs and sponsors that specifically leveraged the experience and expertise that resides within the CRO.  Mr. Babani has held prior positions at Auven Therapeutics, Novartis, Pfizer and Regeneron.