Stephen Harrison


Stephen B. Harrison is the founder and managing director at sbh4 GmbH in Germany. His work focuses on decarbonisation. CCUS is a fundamental pillar of his consulting practice, and he provides advisory services in this area to several leading international operators and equipment providers. Stephen has also served as the international expert for a major Asian Development Bank project related to CCUS in Viet Nam.
With a background in industrial gases including 27 years at BOC Gases, The BOC Group and Linde Gas, Stephen has intimate knowledge of the carbon dioxide capture, purification, liquefaction, storage, transportation, and utilisation value chain from commercial, technical, and operational perspectives. For 14 years, he was a global business leader in these FTSE100 and DAX30 companies.
Stephen has extensive due diligence and investment advisory experience. PE firms, fund managers and green-tech start-ups are regular clients. As a member of the gasworld advisory board, Stephen guides this international publication, which focuses on carbon dioxide and other industrial gases.