Steve Demetriou

Steve joined the UK Fire & Rescue Service in 1985 and has held many posts across the county of Kent throughout his career. He left Kent Fire & Rescue Service (KFRS) as Director of Operations and Resilience in February 2015 after 30 years service with the organisation.

He was responsible for the development of operational response strategies and procedures, Health and Safety, operational training and equipment, as well as all aspects of resilience planning within KFRS. He was also the Chairman of the Kent Resilience Forum Executive Group from 2008 to 2015, delivering multi agency plans for Kent across all aspects of operational response, including wide scale flooding, mass public decontamination and the London Olympics 2012.

Steve has been a member of the UK delegation of the Inter-Governmental Channel Tunnel Safety Authority (CTSA) since 2010 and continues to carry out this role as well as being Co-Chair of the Rescue and Public Safety working Group for the CTSA.

As Director of Operations at KFRS, Steve was responsible for all aspects of operational response and planning for the Chanel Tunnel and led the Kent Fire & Rescue Service response to the major fire in September 2008.

Steve recently represented the UK on the working group reviewing the Safety in Rail Tunnels Technical Standard for Interoperability.

In 2014 he was awarded Fellowship status of the Institute of Fire Engineers in recognition of his contribution to the UK Fire and Rescue Service.